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Kumar Sharma’s Tax Policy

Candidate for Ward 3, Kumar Sharma has detailed one of his major campaign themes as a Tax Policy seeking equity and fairness as Financial Accountability and Maximizing Expenditures.

Financial Accountability  means cutting down wasteful spending, maximizing expenditures and freezing taxation is just the beginning. Begin, with controlled spending leads with the ability to place more financial  investments into our community infrastructure and City core services.

I believe a “tax freeze” can be implemented without reductions without the threat of City Core services being reduced.

City Administration has accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars in reserves generated from surplus tax revenues .

Transparency at 2021 Budget discussions must be transparent, accountable and to outline in greater detail how we hold the tax line, move forward as a City and work to improve our economic and future development and growth in the City of Calgary .

“Let’s create change”, at City Hall

Kumar Sharma


Ward 3

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