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During this campaign the issue of the environment has raised numerous questions, ranging from climate change, to green space, to clean air, open spaces, pathways and future development within Ward 3.

The open space on the east side of ward 3 and west of Deerfoot Trail is of great interest for future development.

Government at all levels are sensitive to the environment.

In summary: “The City of Calgary Environmental Policy”


Working together to conserve, protect and enhance the environment.

  • Comply with legislation
  • Conserve resources and prevent pollution
  • Continually improve, our environmental performance

The City of Calgary recognizes climate change has implication for our City both now and in the future”

The City of Calgary is committed to achieving Community Environmental Sustainability

As your future City Councillor for Ward 3, I will work within present policy frameworks and drive to meet environmental goals and contribute to community sustainability.

To that end, I will work to improve the quality of and sustainability of our Ward 3 playgrounds, with proper maintenance, for updated equipment and services.

Ward 3 pathways need proper maintenance along with upgrades and extensions of the pathways. I would like to see more bench’s waste bins, solar powered lighting at key locations along the pathway right of way for personal security and safety.

As a dog owner, I would like to increase both off-leash and on-leash areas for our Family pets.

Ward 3, Communities are established neighbours; however, I view the green space west of Deerfoot Trail along the border of Ward 3 communities as prime for development of open green spaces, recreational opportunities for families and community gardens. I wish establishment to gain City Services for example social, medical, library or recreational. I would also support additional; development in the areas of social gathering for family restaurants, social and cultural events and National holiday.

Let’s build Ward 3 for the future.

Please vote Kumar Sharma on October 18, 2021.

“A passion to serve , Lets create change at City Hall”

Kumar Sharma
Candidate Ward 3

Information taken from City of Calgary Website on the Environment Policy

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