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Third Party support for certain Ward 3 Candidates

The Political Action Committees (PAC) or TPA entitled Calgary’s Future/Calgarians for a Progressive Future; this TPA is primary funded by several of the major unions that represent city workers. The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 583, CUPE Local 37 and CUPE Local 38 and   The Calgary District Council have all come together to participate in this registered TPA.

Presently a full slate of candidates are endorsed by the City unions using a $2 Million political slush fund to influence the 2021 Civic Election.

In Ward 3, Jasmine Mian is a Candidate endorsed by the TPA, Calgary’s Future.

Are the Unions attempting to use this $2Million slush fund to influence or buy democracy?

What type of support in the form of financial, in kind service or campaign activities is she receiving ?

Has Jasmine Mian exchanged promises of no layoffs for the upcoming term or ensuring that City Administration will not place “for sale” City Core Services to the private sector, or a promise of wage increases and /or benefits increases for the upcoming Council term?


Candidates for Civic elections are dis-advantaged raising funds when certain candidates have access to Unions with Unlimited financial resources.

Democracy in Ward 3 is not for sale

Ward 3 residents expect and demand unfettered representation.

Kumar Sharma

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